Choosing products to display your images after your session are my favorite! In this post, I am going to be talking about the album process and what to expect when you choose to preserve your images.

Why should I even get an album?

These days, we are so used to all of our images living on our phones. Hey I get it, it’s right at our fingertips. But imagine showing friends or family images of your session in a tangible object that can be passed down from generation to generation! Your children will ask to see images of themselves when they were little and albums are a beautiful way to display these memories. They become artwork and treasured heirlooms.

album inside nj maternity newborn family wedding photographer


First, you’ll choose a minimum of 10 of your favorite images from your session. Next, I will design a layout that will be sent to you digitally for approval. Clients do have a hard time choosing images so I am here every step of the way to help choose the best ones.

Size and Covers

Sized 10×10 or 12×12, you’ll choose the size that’s right for you. There are many different colors of leather and fabric to choose from and I suggest picking one that matches your home decor 🙂

album cover nj maternity newborn family wedding photographer

Text and Font

Another stylistic choice is the text on your cover, along with the type of font and color. Again, there are many choices!  The colors range from silver foil, gold foil, rose gold foil, and blind debossing. 

Delivery and Care

The production time is around 4 weeks once the design is approved and your cover is chosen. Albums should be stored in a low humidity environment in mild temperatures. When not viewing your album, always lay it flat. Turn the pages with your fingertips, and not your nails. Lastly, wipe carefully with a clean lint free dry cloth, and do not use water or cleaners.

As you can see, the album process is simple and easy, ensuring beautiful artwork of your photographs that last a lifetime. You will never regret purchasing an album, preserving your family’s memories and milestones! Reach out for more information!

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