mom sits on couch with newborn babyIn this post, I compiled a list of the best instagram accounts to follow as a new mom. When I first got pregnant with my daughter, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. The approach I decided to take was to start with a few accounts that really aligned with my views and go from there. Also, I narrowed down on specific topics I wanted to familiarize myself with which was a big help as well. 

Karrie Locher

Karrie’s account is awesome. She really knows everything about motherhood and tackles so many different topics. From before birth to toddlerhood her instagram account runs the gamut of information. I found her helpful for preparing for birth and postpartum. Karrie is a nurse, lactation consultant, and mom of 4  which makes her a trusted source for new moms!

Safe in the seat

Michelle’s instagram account is all about car seat safety. When she first became a mom she found there wasn’t enough information about car seats out there, so she became the expert. There are many helpful videos and her website has courses you can purchase. I believe she even has a team that does consultations to help you feel confident in your choices and installs.

Prenatal Nutritionist

I followed Ryann’s account before getting pregnant. There is so much outdated information about what we can and cannot eat when conceiving and while pregnant. I learned that eggs were one of the best foods we can eat because they contain choline. She is an RDN and created a nutrition library app for all her information to be at your fingertips.

Solid Starts

Once I was ready to start feeding my daughter solid foods, I didn’t know where to start. I had met with a dietician who guided me and recommended I follow Solid Starts on instagram. They teach you how to give real food to babies. Definitely an overwhelming approach but their information helped me feel confident in feeding my daughter. She loves food! Solid Starts also created an app where you can log foods your kids have tried and show you how to serve them, along with introducing allergens. It has been a really big help!


Allyson is based out of Maplewood NJ and is a lactation consultant. While I haven’t personally had a session with her, I follow her instagram account where every Thursday she puts up a question box and she replies to them on Fridays. She always answers my questions and I find the information she posts to be super helpful.


To me, these are some of the best instagram accounts to follow as a new mom. Of course, I urge you to do your research when looking through their pages.


Erin Dwyer is a New Jersey newborn photographer also specializing in maternity and family photography. Erin serves North/Central New Jersey including Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Madison, Chatham, Summit, Maplewood, Westfield, Hoboken and Jersey City as well as Essex County, Morris County, Somerset County, Union County, and Hudson County.