Baby asleep on belly.Welcoming a new baby is such an exciting time. Preparing for their arrival can be stressful but creating a baby registry is an exciting part of the journey! To help ensure you have everything you need to make those early months as smooth and comfortable as possible, I’ve created a list of must-have essentials for your baby registry.

  1. Crib and bedding: A safe and comfortable sleeping space is crucial for your baby. Invest in a sturdy crib, firm mattress, and fitted sheets.
  2. Baby carrier: We loved the Ergobaby! I loved having my daughter close to me and being hands free!
  3. Feeding essentials: Whether you’re breastfeeding or using formula, nursing pillows, bottles, and burp cloths are essential to include. If you do plan to nurse don’t forget to get your breast pump through insurance!
  4. Health and Safety: Don’t forget medicines, lotion, grooming kits, thermometer. I love the Frida baby products for newborns.
  5. Stroller and Car Seat: We loved our Uppababy! It was nice to be able to transition the car seat into the stroller and use the bassinet for longer walks.
  6. Baby Monitor: We have THIS one!
  7. Diaper Pail: I think being able to open it with your foot is a must-have!
  8. High Chair: We love our Stokke high chair. It is super easy to clean!
  9. Playtime and Developmental Toys: Stimulate your baby’s senses and development with age-appropriate toys like rattles, black and white books or cards, teething toys, and soft stuffed animals.
  10. Swaddles: We loved Ollie Swaddles as they were super easy to use.
  11. Magic Merlin: We used this to transition from a swaddle. My daughter LOVED it instantly.
  12. Bath Essentials: Baby bathtub, gentle baby wash, washcloths, and hooded towels.
  13. Changing Pad: I love something wipeable where you don’t have extra laundry.
  14. Diaper Bag: I opted for a back pack, so I could be hands free!
  15. Baby Books: Start building your child’s library! Request your shower gifts to include a baby book with a written note inside.
  16. Hatch Sound Machine: A sleep MUST HAVE. This product will be able to grow with your child, as it turns into a night light and can help navigate milestones. It also can be controlled through an app!
  17. Activity Center: Lovevery Play gym, and Skip Hop were our favorites.

Remember when creating your registry don’t forget to personalize it to your family’s needs and preferences. Involve your partner to ensure you have all the bases covered. Lastly, cherish this time and know that will a well prepared baby registry, you’ll be able to feel somewhat in control of the beautiful journey of parenthood with confidence!