madison nj newborn photographer

Looking for tips for a successful newborn session? For most new parents the beginning can be the hardest adjustment, so I am here to take the ease out of capturing some of the first moments of you as a new family.

1. Before I arrive, babies should be fed, and changed. This goes for siblings too!

2. Sound machine, pacifier, and swaddle are key!

3. Parent outfits should be simple and compliment each other. Always think neutrals as they are timeless and photograph the best! Lighter colors are also ideal :) Steer clear of outfits that contain words (even for babies.) The idea is to capture this moment simply with the focus being on you as a new family.

newborn photographer nj

4. During your session, feeding and changing the baby is totally fine! They are the star of the show and I don’t want you to worry about that at all.

5. I try to photograph in rooms with the best light and my favorites are the nursery and parent’s bedrooms. Spaces should be neat and tidy (as best they can, I know life can get away from us when the baby arrives.)

6. Keep your house a little warmer than usual. Babies don’t like to be cold!

These tips for a successful newborn session will help your shoot run smoothly! I recommend scheduling sessions for when your baby is around 2-3 weeks old. This gives you time to get settled in at home, and is usually when the baby is easiest to work with. They’ll be very sleepy! If you wanted to wait longer some things to consider are: newborn acne, baby hair loss (weird I know!), and sometimes babies can be harder to settle. Of course I am always open to questions regarding your newborn session. Email me at!

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