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Choosing what to wear while pregnant can be frustrating. Especially if you aren’t feeling your best! I’ve been there. For an in-home maternity session it’s important to pick something that is comfortable and that you feel beautiful in. Your choice should also reflect your own personal style. Neutrals are usually the best as they are timeless and can easily be complemented with outfits for either your partner and/or kids. Here are some tips on what to wear for your in-home maternity session:

1. Simple flowy maxi dress

These dresses are very popular since they are usually the most flattering and comfortable. Opt for something that has a small pattern or solid lighter neutral color. Sheer dresses can also photograph beautifully using window light to highlight your baby bump. This choice can also be used for your baby shower dress!

Ivory Floral Smocked Maternity Maxi Dress


2. Sweater/button-down and pants/jeans

This is definitely a casual option, if that’s more your vibe. Find jeans that can be un-buttoned below your belly that don’t have the stretchy waist band. That might be buying a pair of non-maternity jeans.

Relaxed jeans

Beige Pocketed Dolman Sleeve Maternity Top

3. Robe/Pajamas/Lingerie

These options can be in addition to another outfit. If you are looking to obtain more intimate images from your session. Keeping with lighter colors (think white, beige, light blue etc.) helps soften the overall look.



nj maternity photography session

4. Form fitting dress

This option is good for earlier in your pregnancy or if you have a smaller bump. Your belly could easily get lost in a flowy dress so a more form fitting dress would be better. This is another choice to use for your baby shower dress!

Mauve Satin Smocked Fitted Maternity Midi Dress

Remember the most important aspect is to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. Choose outfits that make you feel beautiful and reflect your personal style. Keep in mind the aesthetic of your home as well. If your home is mainly dark colored I would opt for lighter colored outfits. However, light colors also look good in light colored rooms. Remember to always keep it timeless, and avoid overly trendy or busy pattern, that might distract from the focus on you and your baby bump.

Of course I am always here with any questions you might have or if you want to ask my opinion!

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