Husband kisses his wife's cheek in a garden while she puts a hand on her pregnant stomach.

I think we all struggle with the question of why you should have a maternity session. Our bodies are constantly changing, we feel sick, and we feel tired. There’s a divide between women who have GREAT pregnancies and those that have AWFUL pregnancies. However, shouldn’t we document either case? Let’s embrace both and embrace the positivity. Your body is changing because you are growing a baby. Becoming a mom is one of the greatest and hardest things we go through, and it should all be celebrated.

new jersey maternity photo session

Why you should have a Maternity Session

1. Alone time with your partner that you won’t have once the baby arrives. It allows you connect as a couple, and enjoy time together.

2. Get yourself pampered! Your maternity session is an excuse to buy a new outfit and schedule a date night!

3. Sometimes photographs aren’t for now, they’re for our future selves and for our children to look back on.

4. A professional knows how to document you beautifully. Of course, our partners of course snap pictures of us but how can they be taking them and also be IN them?!

5. This is likely to be the next milestone you get professional photos taken. Wouldn’t it be great to have a session before you welcome your little one? 🙂

maternity photography nj

In conclusion, I hope that helps answer why you should schedule a maternity session. I’ve never heard someone regret it. I recommend booking your session at the beginning of your second trimester, and scheduling it for when you are between 28-34 weeks. This process is meant to be easy and fun. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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