There are many different types and styles of newborn photographers to choose from. I wanted to write a post about what my style as a newborn photographer is, and what you can expect when you choose me to document this special moment in your life. It’s a joyful time and choosing the perfect person for what you’re envisioning for your new/growing family is important. I was a newborn photographer before I was even a mom and since having my daughter, my career in newborn photography has become even more special to me.

Mom and dad look at their newborn baby son.


My newborn sessions are always in your home. I don’t have a studio, and love utilizing the space where you spend most of your time. Your home is where you started your family and it’s an intimate part of you. Documenting your family in this space is so fun to me. I take a lifestyle approach where no one is over-posed or forced into positions.

Bright images with natural light when available

My style as a newborn photographer is what a lot consider “bright and airy.” To me, it’s showing your family in the best light and it translates for years to come. I love finding places in your home with good natural light to create the images you see in my portfolio. I come into your home and turn off overhead lights, and lamps so there is no color cast.

Studio inspired individual photographs of baby in natural positions never over-posed

While I don’t over-pose anyone and take cues from your baby, I do like taking individual portraits of them in simple baby-led positions. This means I’m not forcing them to do something they wouldn’t naturally do. I love starting off with them swaddled, and then I slowly unwrap the swaddle and have them in a diaper cover. I’m then able to document their little hands and feet :)

Focusing on family

My favorite part of my newborn photography sessions are capturing your baby with your new family. I love the interactions and small moments! This is your first time having professional images with your baby and documenting everyone altogether around where you spend most of your time is so special. I also make sure to include solo portraits of both mom and dad with your new baby along with any siblings.

Newborn baby boy laying.

Mid-morning sessions

I always choose to schedule sessions around 10 am because I feel this is when the light is great in your home, and everyone has had enough time to get ready. I understand how hard it is to get yourself ready once your baby arrives :) I’m usually spending 1.5-2 hours with you, and always giving time to feed, change, and soothe.

No props

I don’t provide any props besides neutral swaddles, blankets, and bows. I find that props take away from the timeless and natural style I aim for. Props can be distracting and takes the focus away from what’s most important, and to me that’s classic photographs of your baby.

Removing distracting elements (attention to detail)

As a newborn photographer, I am very detail oriented. I often scan the room or area I’m photographing in to make sure nothing is going to take away from the beauty of your images. That might mean unplugging a lamp, moving changing pads, and diaper pails. I want each image I create to be about your family and new baby with no distracting elements.


Safety is super important to me as your photographer. I handle all babies with great care and treat them as I would my own. I wear a mask if that’s what you would prefer, and always wash my hands before beginning a session. With my style as a newborn photographer, I don’t put your babies in positions that are unnatural or forced. I believe documenting them just as they are creates timeless beautiful images.

I really take pride in my style as a newborn photographer. It took me many years as an artist to hone in on what I wanted to capture for families and how I approach each session. I love to create beautiful images you’ll be happy to hang on your walls or pass down to your children.


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Erin Dwyer is a NJ newborn photographer also specializing in maternity, baby and  family photography. Serving North/Central New Jersey including Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Madison, Summit, Maplewood, Westfield, Hoboken and Jersey City as well as Essex County, Morris County, Somerset County, Union County, and Hudson County.